Monday, February 25, 2013

The kinds of stuff that is hoarded

What amazed me was the kinds of stuff being hoarded. I found about 5 packages of wind up emergency flashlights. There were several bags filled with emergency supplies: flashlights, batteries, a radio, juices. It was like part of the hoard was preparing for the zombie apocoplyse. My father had a knife collection, containing various hunting knives and leatherman sets, filling a box. There was large packages of toilet paper, the 36 roll kind. I must have found 5 or 6 of these.
Suitcases. I kept finding more suitcases, even brand new in a box. Books. There were piles of brand new, probably unread books all over. DVDs and Videos also accumulated. Most of these were for second rate movies, or they were VHS which we didn't even use anymore.
Between their preparations for war, and obsessive shopping, they were Costco addicts gone wild.

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