Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cleaning my room

On the second night of visiting my parents, jet lag kept me up again. I had enough with the kitchen. I focused on my room. I needed to carve out a safer, more comfortable place out of this chaos. Sizing up the room, things looked manageable. I made a mental hierarchy of the stuff, and thrust my first efforts into paper collections. Next to the door, on the low clothes drawer, they had piled up all junk mail that had come in my name. It all needed to go out immediately. I dumped that into bags. Under the junkmail I found some Mcdonald's Happy Meal toys in their packages that I put aside. On the floor by the door were boxes of papers. These were newspaper articles on various subjects my father had clipped or copied. There was a collection of mail, and old bills, shopping receipts, and other useless stuff. It all went outside to the dry paper bin.
I finally found a little space of moveability and leveraged that for taking on the rest of the stuff. Much of the space in the room was consumed by empty cardboard boxes, so I consolidated all of those boxes to one corner, piling them high. The rest of the stuff was from compulsive shopping at Costco. There were unopened packaged of cordless telephones, flashlights, radios, a portable DVD player, toys, 3 sets of 65 piece silverware and on and on. I tried to organize all this stuff together next to the boxes, sorting the items by category.
Through this, I had managed to clear half of my room, giving me space to move and work. As I meticulously went through the pile, I found more of these Happy Meal toys, untill digging deep enough I finally found a huge stash of these toys. They were collecting Happy Meal toys!

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