Monday, May 6, 2013

The Cover Up Grows

"I had the dream again," my wife told me.

She related how she had a similar dream several times already. In her dream, her brother informs her that he will be travelling, and one of the stops will be my parent's town. He is excited to have a place that he can crash at. Yet my wife keeps trying to persuade him to find a different home, and even town to go to. He doesn't relent and insists on going to my parent's home, not understanding what the big deal is about.

I asked my wife what she thought it meant.
"I feel like I alone am privy to your family story, your secret, and I have withheld these details from my own family. They have no idea, and just assume that your parents live in a nice home, and maybe have a cleaner come by once a week to help. However I am covering up. I feel compelled to cover up. I don't think others will understand you, how you grew up, and how you maintain a relationship with your parents."

It's true.
I've been involved in the cover up all my life, only now revealing the details to the world. The cover up grows.

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