Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sabotaging Mental Health

Saw this article on Fox News 12 ways we sabotage our mental health

One of the points

Ignoring clutterWhy it's harmful: Even if your pack-rat tendencies don't rise to the level of hoarding, unchecked clutter in your home can be a subtle source of psychological distress. "Clutter makes us feel weighed down, both literally and figuratively," said Dawn Buse, a health psychologist at Montefiore Medical Center, in New York City. "It has been shown to be related to depression, anxiety, and even weight gain."
So if this says something about the mental state of a normal person that ignores clutter, what does that say about the mental state of the hoarder?


  1. I believe that the hoard gives them so much anxiety and stress that they just dissociate. That's why they don't see it anymore on one level, but if you remove/move the hoard, it just ups the anxiety and stress.

    1. Very good observation. You are straight on in what you say about the comfort the hoard provides, and the anxiety that would come about when it is not present. I can see that in my parent's house.