Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vaccuuming the hall

I have a tendecy for asthma, and wanted to get the dust away. I figured the carpets in the rooms and hall were packed with dust.
"Dad, do you have a vaccuum cleaner?" I asked.
"Yeah, we have 3," he said. There they were, three vaccuum cleaners lined up and sitting idle in the living room. I used the vaccuum cleaner to clear up the floor in my room, then pulled it into the hallway. Since the hallway was lined with piles of stuff, first I moved everything to one side for one little area, vaccuumed then moved back to other side and vaccuumed. I got half way up the hallway.
"Your mother wants you to stop," my father said.
"Just stop," she yelled, "I don't want anyone doing anything here. This is my house and this is the way I like it."
"I'm just trying to help, just vaccuuming a little."
"I said stop! I still remember..."
"Remember what?"
"Just stop."

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