Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Where is All Your Stuff

I am in the basement in my parent's house. The light is on, and I notice how much space there is around me. The piles of boxes and stuff is gone. I turn to my mother, "Where is all your stuff?" She just shrugs. I never imagined seeing the floor again in the basement.

I wake up.

This is the fifth dream I've had where I back my parent's hoarded home. Each time I am usually in the basement and it is cleaned out to varying degrees. One time the whole basement was empty, with just some dust and marks on the carpet. Another time, most of the clutter is still there but a few sections have been cleared.

I told my wife about these dreams. "Maybe it means that you have finally cleared the burden of your parent's house from your mind."

I called my parents again as I dutifully do every week. My father said that he had good news. After having episodes of dementia he went in for tests. "They all came back fine," he said. So there is another reason for his dementia?

He continued. "What do you do in this company? You are the founder? A software developer?"
"No," I remind him, "I work in marketing. I update the website."
"Oh, all right."
"What's up with your plans to go live with my sister?"
"We haven't heard from her for over a week. She's doing refurbishing on the place she bought. It will probably take awhile," he said, "We were looking at The Summit. Did you find out how much it costs?"
Another independent living arrangement? "No I didn't find out. I stopped looking into independent living options. You told me that you were going to live with my sister, and you weren't interested."
"Oh, ok," he replied, "Andrew has called your mother again."
Andrew was a sales rep from an organization to help elderly people find independent living accommodations. "What did he want. After you said you planned to go live with my sister, I told him you were no longer interested in looking into independent living options in your area."
"He just called us up and spoke to your mother, asking her when she was ready for someone to come over to take our stuff out to sell."
"To take all your stuff?" I ask.

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