Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Next steps: We want a condo

By my second day, my sister, after months of incommunicado, was sending me emails. "What did the doctor say? Did you find alternative health insurance?"
I calmly explained to her that the doctor had just run some tests and that it would take awhile to find alternative insurance, especially when I didn't have an internet connection.
My sister talked my parent's ears off on the telephone, giving over her plans. She wrote me back saying, "they will come to me for Passover and then stay to live with me. We are closing on a new place and I will prepare them a room in the basement."
So I asked my parents what there plan is.
"Plan for what?" they said.
"Your life, you are getting older. You can't even find the number for the doctor. It takes you 8 months to make an appointment. Maybe you want to consider alternatives. Here is what I see as your options,
1) You can go and live with my sister in the room she is preparing. However you will need to organize  new health insurance.
2) You can come live in Israel. The state supplies insurance to all citizens. I can rent you an apartment near me.
3) You can go live in a old age home
4) You can go and live in an apartment community designated for seniors
5) You can stay here and make your way on your own.
Lying in bed at 2 in the afternoon, still not showered or dressed, my mother said, "I'm not goint to live in a room at your sister's place. You can't put me in a room. I need my freedoom."
"Freedom to do what?"
"To do whatever I please."
"So what is your plan?"
"I'm gonna clean this place up, put it on the market, and buy a condo."

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